A "Truth Booth" is an unmanned display showing 3D and 4D ultrasound images of the child in the womb. It provides information about pre-natal development and pregnancy in a visual form for people to process without cumbersome words or confrontation.

The "Truth Booth" is factual, scientific, creative, gentle and informative in its content presentation, allowing all age groups to comprehend our early development with clarity. It is simply pictures of the developing child, not a provocation for controversy.



Truth Booth Generations




Gen1: 2006 - The original concept utilized open CRT monitors driven by a DVD player. The system required manual start/stop.

Gen2: 2007 - Enclosures custom built for each environment, these display systems were automated with timers which were synced to the venue's hours of operation.

Gen3: 2008 - Vinyl graphic wrapped metal enclosures, these units were standardized and began utilizing flash video players.

Gen4: 2011 - Solid wood enclosures, fully automated, the most durable and portable design.


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